GOP candidate blasts Obama’s ‘shameful’ climate change plan

Republicans have long been a vocal and vocal supporter of a policy of “sustainable energy,” which requires the use of renewable sources of electricity to replace the fossil fuel we’ve used for so long.

But Trump has taken that sentiment to a new level by saying that the Obama administration has been “shameless” about its commitment to such a goal.

“President Obama’s Climate Action Plan was shameful,” Trump tweeted on Monday.

“He has put his own people in charge of this issue.

He’s the worst president of our lifetime!”

The president’s remarks came after he met with President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Monday and promised that China will continue to push the world to embrace its “greenest” energy sources.

Trump has also continued to criticize President Barack Obama, saying he is the “world’s worst President.”

Trump tweeted that the president has been a “terrible President” for the past two decades and that the former president is “the worst president in our history.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized the U.S. for its energy policies and its reliance on fossil fuels, but he has been particularly critical of the Obama White House.

The president has called for an end to the Keystone XL pipeline that has stalled since last year and proposed a carbon tax, which has not gone anywhere in Congress.

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