Klipsch ceilings fans quieter, quieter than you might expect

Klipsches ceiling fans can be quiet when the fans are not in use, but Klipsche floor fans can go from quiet to loud at a moment’s notice.

That’s thanks to a patent filing by a company called Klipscht.

Klipsching is a trademark for a speaker company.

They’re a little more than three years old, and the company was founded in 2009.

Their latest patent is for a way to cool down the fan blades and blades can be configured for different cooling modes.

Klippsch says the fans can produce cooling pressure as high as 5.3 milliAmps, and they can cool down at an efficiency of less than 50 percent, or 50 percent of peak power.

You can control how much the fans use the cooling power by adjusting the fan speed.

This way you can have your Klipschi fans be quiet, and then your Klippsches fans be loud.

Klipsches ceiling fan can be controlled via the fan controls.

Klippersch patent Klipsches ceiling fan.

Klippingsches floor fan.

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