Wall-mounted ceiling fans can help reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent in the US and Australia by 2020: US Department of Energy

Posted November 13, 2020 15:14:10The Department of Homeland Security recently reported that it was looking into whether wall-mounted air conditioners can be used to cool homes.

The Department of the Interior has also launched a study looking into the impact of a ceiling fan on the carbon footprint of air conditioner installations.

The department has announced a $100 million investment in the ceiling fan program, as well as a partnership with energy and environmental consulting firm Energy Solutions that will develop “key metrics” of how a ceiling air conditioning system can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will also support a research project to “analyze the carbon intensity of existing and new ceiling fan installations.”

While the government may be looking into ways to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by ceiling fans, there is still much work to be done.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air conditionings emit roughly 0.03 grams of CO 2 per cubic meter of air.

That is more than double the national average of 0.1 grams.

In addition, many installations are located in hot climates where air is not as evenly distributed as in cooler regions.

According, air conditioning is currently one of the least-efficient uses of energy in the U.S. due to high costs, high energy consumption and lack of public support.

A study conducted by the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy found that in 2016, only 16 percent of U. S. home owners installed energy efficient air conditionering systems, and only 6 percent of home owners did so in sunny locations.

In a press release announcing the $100M program, the Interior Department noted that it will support the project with a $30 million research project.

“With these investments, the Department will provide the first-ever comprehensive analysis of the impacts of ceiling fan installation on energy use and the carbon emissions associated with these systems,” the department said.

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