The story of the ceiling lights on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens set

When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2015, it also purchased the Star Trek franchise.

So, of course, the company had to figure out how to turn the original Star Trek movie into a lightsaber.

The lights are a classic example of that.

In the original, the lights are placed on a ceiling to simulate the space between the film’s main characters, Spock and Kirk.

In Star Wars, they’re placed on the walls.

The lights on Star Wars were inspired by a “lid” that appeared on a floor in the film set.

The lamp was placed between the actors and the audience, which is the first stage of a lightsaber fight.

It’s a little like the way a door works on a hallway.

You pull it open, and it goes right into your hand.

But the lamp on the wall was supposed to be in your hand, too.

The light bulb was supposed be in the light.

In fact, the original lights were built on the set of the first film, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which was shot on location in a hotel in London, England.

But Disney and Lucasfilm couldn’t agree on the exact dimensions of the lights, so the lights were moved to the sets of Star Wars and The Force Unleashed.

But it wasn’t long before they started looking for a replacement.

The first lights, the red ones that are on the right, were created by the lighting designer Ken Laughlin.

He was asked to design lights for Star Wars because he thought they would look better in the movie than they did on the film.

But Laughlin’s work was never finished.

He eventually left Lucasfilm and went on to design the lights for other films.

The red lights are now in Star Wars theaters.

In The Force, they were replaced by white lights.

But the red lights aren’t just for movie theaters.

A special “Star Wars” lamp was put on the ceiling in the sets for the first two Star Wars films, as well as the first Star Wars film set, The Clone Wars.

It was placed next to the lights in the original film sets, and was later removed.

It has since been replaced by the LED lights, which are more realistic and brighter.

In fact, there’s no indication that the lights will ever be returned to their original configuration.

That’s because there are no plans to return the red lamps, and because the lights aren’s the only type of light that has survived.

The problem with the lights is that they are often difficult to adjust and move because they’re so small.

They’re also easy to lose and destroy.

Laughlin told Entertainment Weekly that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to recreate the original red lights, and that it will likely be years before he’s able to get it right again.

So if you want to see how it works on the sets, check out this clip from a film set tour.

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