House to cut off money to home inspectors

The House of Representatives is set to cut funding for inspectors at some of the nation’s most expensive and most vulnerable homes.

The bill, which will head to President Donald Trump’s desk on Thursday, caps a year of $12.8 billion in funding for home inspectors and requires the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide an additional $4 billion.

That money is set aside for “critical infrastructure” such as hospitals and fire stations, and will likely be used to help replace outdated equipment and install more efficient, efficient equipment, according to a House GOP aide familiar with the legislation.

The House Appropriations Committee on Thursday voted to approve the bill by a vote of 16-11.

The measure will now go to the full House for final passage.

House Republicans have argued for months that the government cannot afford to spend money on inspections of homes that have been built without proper inspections.

The budget office estimated last year that the country would need $1.4 trillion to fix the nation ‘s crumbling infrastructure by 2025.

The inspector general has been critical of the Department’s funding for inspections, which are mandated by law, for years.

The watchdog has repeatedly criticized the government for failing to make good on promises to help homeowners with repair costs and has demanded better oversight of the inspector general’s budget.

The inspector general also has said that the department has been slow to make progress on some of its priorities, such as the implementation of new standards for water and sewage treatment.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz Jason ChaffettMatt Schlapp: Trump should ‘keep tweeting’ on Trump investigation Chaffetz to release details of meeting with Russian ambassadorRead moreThe inspector’s office is under increasing scrutiny for how it is conducting inspections, including by the Department.

It has been plagued by problems at homes that were built before the 2010 financial crisis, and the agency has not yet fully repaired many of the homes it has inspected.

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