How Italy’s star striker was named to the Euro 2012 squad

It’s been a big week for Italian football.

For the first time in five years, Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic is among the first names on the Euro 2016 squad.

But it was not just a result of the tournament being held in France, it was a result for the team as a whole.

The team has had to overcome some difficult situations over the last few months. 

The first, of course, was the arrest of two players for their part in the killing of a rival footballer.

Then there was the horrific attack on a group of Roma supporters by the ultras.

It was a difficult time.

The Italian FA, which had initially wanted to bring Ibrahimovic on board as a member of the squad, finally relented after a year-long debate.

Ibrahimovic was then handed the captain’s armband. 

It has been a difficult period, but Ibrahimovic has made the most of it. 

He has started the season with five goals, including a hat-trick against Lyon.

The goals are important for a player who is expected to lead the line against the likes of Arsenal and Manchester City.

He has also scored three in two games since the start of December. 

His goals are also a sign of confidence.

He has played against the best in Europe, including the likes, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund. 

Ibrahimovic also has the qualities of being a very good finisher, as he has made more than 100 successful passes this season. 

When he has scored, he has been very efficient.

It has helped him to win games.

He had a shot on goal against Juventus, and he converted a second from close range. 

In the other game against Lyon, he made an important block to deny Alexis Sanchez a third-minute penalty.

He also had a penalty saved in the second half, when he hit a superb shot on target. 

All this has meant that Ibrahimovic will be one of the most sought after players in Europe. 

As for his future, the club has made clear it wants him to leave. 

Last week, the team released a statement saying Ibrahimovic had decided to sign a contract extension.

It said he would be available for the next five years. 

This means Ibrahimovic, who has been at the club for four years, will become a free agent when his contract expires in 2022. 

What has been the reaction from fans? 

Some of them have been very positive. 

One fan even posted a picture of him in his jersey on Instagram.

How has it been for the players? “

The people have been amazing, and I hope they will always be here.” 

How has it been for the players? 

Players are used to a certain amount of stress.

They have to be constantly on top of everything, and that’s a huge amount of pressure.

But there is a sense that, for now, it’s been an interesting summer.

It’s a new experience for the squad.

They also have a lot of new faces. 

With the World Cup and the start to the Champions League, there are a lot more players coming into the squad and they need to be ready. 

Do you think that the players will make the squad? 

I would be surprised if there are not more players from the last three years.

They had a very strong squad this year, and the team is not just one player, but a group. 

How will they cope with the pressure? 

The team has a lot on its shoulders, but it’s a group and they will be fine. 

Who has been most impressive so far this season? 

One player who has made an impact is Gonzalo Higuain.

The Argentine has been fantastic, and if you ask him what he likes to see from his teammates, he is quick to tell you he likes players who can win games for themselves. 

Higuain scored against Juventus. 

That was his hat-tricks against Juventus and Real Madrid.

It also meant that he scored three goals. 

Another player who will be a major player for the national team in the coming years is Fabio Capello. 

Capello was a player in the national side in the 1990s and has been around for a long time.

He was one of Italy’s most successful managers.

He won the World Cups in 1994 and 2002 and the European Championship in 2004. 

You know that players are getting older and the need to improve, and we see that now. 

But I am sure there are players who will still make the team in future. 

We are very happy for the youngsters, and it will be important to have some of the old players in

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