‘Caveman’ lights are a good bet for home automation

With a few simple tweaks to the design, an old-school light fixture can now be controlled by the same smart gadgets you use to control your phone or tablet.

It’s a bold statement, but a clever way to make an old idea relevant again.

And it’s a great way to start a new project.

1 of 2 The light fixture looks like an old carlight, but with a few clever tweaks.

It works like an electrical light, which means you can turn on a light switch and turn it on for all the lights you want to see.

You can also turn it off, or dim it to make the room look brighter.

To do this, you first need a lamp.

This light is a pair of LEDs.

The LEDs are wired into a pair that sits at the top of the fixture, so when the light is on, they’re in the centre of the LED light.

When the light’s off, they disappear, leaving just the centre LED.

It might look complicated at first, but it’s actually fairly simple to set up.

Just connect the two wires to your computer and plug them in.

Next, you can add your favourite control software, like Google’s Android or Samsung’s Control Center.

And if you want, you could use a USB dongle to plug it into your laptop, or a smartphone.

If you’re looking to make a new home automation system, this could be a good start.

The design is simple and it works.

I love that you can dim the lights and turn them off when you want.

But the best part is the fact that you only need one lamp for everything.

It doesn’t take up any space or cost, and if you do have a few extra bulbs, they can be used for your lights as well.

There are more options available to control lighting, so if you’ve got some spare time, it could be an interesting project to start.

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How to build a smart home

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