‘We don’t know what’s going on’: Inside the ‘ceiling fan’ scam

Posted October 09, 2018 14:04:16A scam that cost Australian consumers more than $3 million has been exposed, with some customers receiving emails claiming the products are safe.

The email claimed the products were safe, but a consumer watchdog warned customers to check the packaging before using them.

Key points:Costco ceiling fan scam: Consumers have been told to check packaging before purchasing productsSource: ABC News | Email this articleKey pointsThe scam is still ongoingCostco told ABC News it’s investigating the emailsThe scammer claimed the ceiling fans were safe to use, but some consumers received emails claiming they were unsafeSource: CBS News | Photo: GettyThe scam began in late March, when some customers were given emails saying they could buy a ceiling fan for $80.

“Are you aware of this product being recalled?,” the email said.

“We have a lot of customers in the USA that have bought this product.

This product is safe to the end user, and we can safely sell you it.”

If you don’t believe us, call us.

We have an expert on our call who will show you how to safely use this product.

“Consumer watchdog ACCC Victoria has confirmed to ABC News that it is investigating the scam.”

The ACCC is aware of the incident and has been working with the Australian Consumer Law Centre to establish the extent of the damage suffered by the affected customers,” a spokeswoman said.

She said the ACCC was working with local authorities in Victoria and New South Wales to investigate the matter.”

This is a serious scam and we will be seeking the assistance of the ACCCs Consumer Law Team to ensure that the consumer is held fully accountable for any damages suffered,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.

Costco said in an email it was investigating the matter, and urged consumers to check its packaging before use.”

In our advice we have been able to confirm that these products are in fact safe to store in a sealed package,” the statement said.

Costcovets floor fans are used in many homes to provide a level of comfort for people who live in the bedrooms.

Costumes are encouraged to wear, and some retailers have allowed them to be worn in the workplace.


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