How to fix the lead ceiling lights on a modern kitchen

Posted by NBC News on Tuesday, July 18, 2019 04:16:03Many home owners are not aware of the dangers of leaded ceiling lights.

The lights emit a red and yellow glow that can be seen for miles.

They are so common they are not even listed on the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) or on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website.

The problem is most serious for homes in the basement.

Lead paint and other materials can enter the wiring, creating an unsafe electrical connection that can cause a fire.

In some cases, lead can build up in the ceiling of the home.

If you think your home has a lead ceiling, contact your local government to determine if there are any restrictions on lead paint.

You can also call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if you have questions about lead safety.

If your home is in the country, you can contact your state to find out if lead paint or other hazardous materials are permitted.

If not, contact the FTC and/or the EPA.

The FTC provides a list of lead paint safety rules.

The lead ceiling light issue is not just a problem for homeowners in the United States.

In Europe, the issue is a global problem.

In China, the problem is widespread.

In the European Union, some 15 percent of homes have lead ceiling lighting.

In Japan, the number is about 25 percent.

The United Kingdom is about 30 percent.

In the United Kingdom, the lead problem is particularly bad in London, where many people live.

In a recent study, the city’s council found that more than 30 percent of residents had a lead-based paint.

The study is based on data from the UK’s Office of National Statistics.

Lead levels have been declining steadily since 2010, with a 10 percent decrease in 2015.

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