Home buyers who don’t buy the new LED ceiling fans are paying a steep price

A new home buyer who doesn’t want to buy the newest ceiling fans could be paying more than $4,000 more in the next year for the same set of lights, according to a new study.

Home Depot is the only retailer that sells LED ceiling fan wiring, but the company is under pressure from customers who are worried about the safety of the new lights.

The study by Home Depot found that the average homeowner who doesn.t own the new ceiling fan will pay $4.062 more for the wiring in the coming year than the average owner who owns the LED fans.

It also found that consumers who did own the lights could save $5.50 on their electrical bills over the next 10 years.

“I am very disappointed with the lack of a response from Home Depot about the installation and safety of our new LED fans,” said Melissa Levenson, a homeowner in Lakewood, Colorado.

Levenson said her ceiling fans cost about $100 a pop and she bought them for her two-year-old son who is allergic to dust.

The LED ceiling lights have been around for years, but have become popular for a number of reasons.

Many homeowners like the light they produce, while others say they are the most eco-friendly way to make the living room brighter.

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