8 Tips for a Better Life from the Book of Mormon


If you can, go out and do something fun.

If not, don’t be a coward.

If you’re not a fan of the idea of going out and doing something fun, try and find a way to do it in your home or at a bar or restaurant, rather than in public places like bars and restaurants.

You could even take your own pictures, which is a great way to show your love of the Book and your appreciation for others.


Don’t just sit at home, do something interesting.

I remember a friend of mine who had an issue with the Mormon church’s strict rules regarding drinking and partying.

She tried to go to church once a week, but was never invited back.

After a few months of not doing anything and being told by church leaders to just “go to the gym and eat a good meal,” she decided to find a new religion and started drinking heavily again.

She found herself in a different church, but her life was very different.

When you go out, find something you enjoy doing, whether it’s going to a bar, doing something for the community, or even taking pictures.

Then just take a picture of yourself with the food you’re eating and sharing the post on Instagram.

It’ll make you look cool, and it’ll show your friends and family that you’re in fact sober.


Take pictures of yourself at a public event.

Take a picture with your best friend and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #picswithyou.

It could be your favorite movie theater, or your favorite restaurant, or just any public place where people congregate.

It can be anything you want to share with your friends, family, and even strangers, and your pictures will show that you are sober.


Learn to use your iPhone and camera to capture your most loved memories.

The Mormon church does not have any official policies about photos, but there are ways to get your friends to take photos of you, even if they don’t want to.

Some members even make their members post pictures of them in their underwear or even their own underwear to show off their bodies.

This will show you and your family that they’re actually sober and that you appreciate their efforts to show support.

There are also online dating sites like OkCupid and Plenty of Fish that will let you set up a profile and ask people to post photos of themselves and ask them to come and take a photo of you.

I’ve personally been known to take pictures with my friends and use them to show the world that I am actually sober.

If this isn’t something you’re comfortable with doing, just ask your friends for help.

They’re probably friends with someone who is. 10.

If a loved one asks you to take a selfie, make sure you give them the option.

Sometimes the easiest way to tell someone that you need help is to tell them to take an Instagram picture of themselves.

Even if it’s just your favorite place to go on a hike, or you’re just going to the store to pick up a new shirt, it could still be a good idea to share a selfie with your family and friends so that you can show them you are okay.


Use Instagram to show people that you care.

Do you have an Instagram account?

Do you use Instagram?

Share your favorite pictures of your family, friends, and pets and be sure to use the hashtag “#treatmormon”.

If your family is visiting you or someone else who is visiting your family or someone who has a special relationship with you, you can also use the #TreatMormon hashtag to show them that you really appreciate them and that they are loved.


Make sure that you never stop caring for those around you.

It may seem like a lot of effort to do, but it will make your friends more likely to show you love.

Share a photo with a loved person or someone you admire on Instagram and let them know that you support them and your life.

You may even get a hug from them.


Share your most cherished memories from your life and your faith in the name of Jesus Christ.

Remember that if you go to your loved ones funeral or memorial service, you’ll get a special gift from them that will be shared with them on Instagram as well.

And if you’re a member of your church, there’s no better time than right now. 


Be a good friend to those who are struggling.

Be kind to others who are going through a tough time.

Even though you’re probably not supposed to, you’re really not alone.

I have many friends that are struggling with addiction or have had to deal with the loss of a loved ones loved one.

They’ve been so blessed that they have friends who are willing to do everything in their power to help them through these tough times.

If anyone is struggling, they should take advantage of all the support and help they

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