4 reasons to consider vaulted ceilings at your office


Great space and light sources of light are very important when building a business.

If you can provide a great office space, you will be more likely to attract new employees and keep your business afloat.

You need to have some good light sources available to you in the space you are building.

These light sources should have a nice amount of daylight and should provide the right amount of energy for the amount of light that is being provided to the room.

There are plenty of companies that offer a suite of lighting that will help you attract more customers and make your space more attractive.

They can be found in such popular locations as malls, offices, and even your local coffee shop.


Your employees should have access to an office space Source: The Wall Street Journal/Getty Images The Wall St. Journal/ Getty Images 3.

You must have good lighting sources and be able to give them a place to work Source: iStockphoto/Amit Khandelwal 4.

You can use glass or other materials to make up the difference Source: Getty Images 5.

Be aware of the environment when choosing lighting Source: Business Insider The Wall, The WallSt.

J.com/ GettyImages 6.

Choose lighting sources that provide a good amount of warmth and shade Source: B&H Photo/Alamy 7.

Consider lighting in the office that’s easy to use and is easily accessible Source: AFP/GettyImages 8.

Create a visual identity for your space by using your existing lighting Source/ Getty 7.

It helps to have a light and sound system to help people feel comfortable in your space Source/ Business Insider 8.

Choose a high-quality lighting source and be sure to choose the right color Source: Creative Commons via Flickr 9.

Your light sources must be easy to see Source: Flickr/Drew Stribling 10.

You should also consider using an LED light source Source: Shutterstock 11.

Choose the right lighting to create a positive workplace atmosphere Source/ Creative Commons 12.

Choose your lighting source wisely Source: AP/Getty/The Wall St./Getty Images 13.

Choose something that is easy to look at and looks good Source: BBC/ Getty/Getty 14.

Choose an open space for your employees to congregate Source: Thinkstock/ Getty 15.

Choose good lighting Source via Shutterstock 16.

Choose natural lighting Source / Creative Commons 17.

Your lighting needs should be very low Source: Facebook/ Getty 18.

Have a light table in your office Source: Google/ Getty 19.

You want to provide the best lighting for your building to ensure that your employees have a pleasant and relaxing work environment Source: Reuters/ Getty 20.

Choose different types of lighting Source from Flickr/ Getty 21.

Choose and use the best type of lighting for each type of work Source/ Flickr 22.

Make sure your lighting can provide your office a positive and welcoming environment Source/ Shutterstock 23.

Choose high quality lighting sources Source: Giphy.com 24.

Your workplace lighting needs to be easy for you to find Source: Wired/ Getty 25.

Your staff should have enough light sources to work and do their job Source: Forbes/ Getty 26.

You have a good number of lights to choose from Source: Microsoft/ Getty 27.

Your office lighting needs are critical for business and personal wellness Source: Huffington Post/ Getty 28.

Choose light sources that will give you an effective light source source source: ThinkStock/ Getty 29.

Choose proper and clean lighting sources to provide a welcoming environment to your staff Source: Lifehacker/ Getty 30.

Use your light sources in a natural and attractive manner Source: Dyson/ Getty 31.

Choose products that offer good ventilation Source: YouTube/ Getty 32.

Choose lights that are easy to find and easy to operate Source: Fotolia/ Getty 33.

Choose bright lighting sources for your office source: Getty 34.

Choose colors and designs that are aesthetically pleasing Source: BuzzFeed/ Getty 35.

Choose appropriate lighting sources according to your lighting needs.

Source: Reddit/ Getty 36.

You will want to choose lighting sources with a low level of static and a high level of energy source: BuzzFeed 30/36 37.

Choose sources with an abundance of natural light source: Buzzfeed/ Getty 38.

Choose materials that have a high efficiency and a low energy cost Source: BuzzFeed/ Getty 39.

Choose solid colors to your office lighting source: Business Wire/ Getty 40.

Choose LED lights that will provide a pleasant office environment and help your employees feel comfortable Source: Lifestyle.com via Flickr 41.

Use a good quality, easy to clean, and easy-to-look at lighting source for your work space.

It will provide the environment for your staff to work in and keep them safe Source: Mashable/ Getty 42.

Choose lamps that have an energy efficiency that is low Source/ BuzzFeed 43.

Choose color combinations that will create a light source that is more appealing to your customers Source: Hypebeast/ Getty 44.

Choose white, fluorescent, and green LED lighting sources,

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